Point Clouds



Point clouds are generated from laser scanning on site. They are millions of individually coordinated points that when viewed together give the impression of the object that has been scanned. Point clouds prove invaluable in problematic buildings as they are the most efficient way to prove leans and bends in structure that previously may have been missed if unknown. Once a point cloud has been created plans/sections/elevations/models can be produced to meet the project needs. The data is already collected so it becomes an office based task without needing to revisit sites where access may be restricted. Point clouds can act as a project base and be added to throughout the project life, everything is continually ‘stitched together’ and the overall cloud will grow and change with the project. This has proven the case on various hospital and campus based sites where as buildings are purchased or built they are added to the model and instantly fully related to the rest of the site in question.