Other Services

BURIED SERVICE SURVEYS: The location of buried drainage and service runs is often of critical importance to a project, either to enable avoidance of existing services or for linking into.

We are able to undertake a range of surveys to best suit the project needs. At the basic level drainage manholes can be lifted and type, inverts, pipe sizes and directions can be recorded and then plotted on the survey drawing. This can be supplemented by taking statutory records and superimposing the indicative routes on the survey drawing. Further investigation may include rodding through to prove drainage connections or a full CCTV survey can be arranged to enable assessment of the runs condition.

Electro-detection surveys can be arranged to locate other buried services – this is ideal for identifying buried power, telecoms and metallic water, oil and gas pipes.

Ground Penetrating Radar surveys can be arranged to aid in the location of non-metallic service pipes which are not detected by electro-detection techniques.

All the above range of surveys can be arranged to be carried out together or can be arranged in stages depending on anomalies or omissions identified as the survey progress, thereby reducing any unnecessary costs.

MONITORING SURVEYS: Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd use high specification Total Stations and Digital Levels for undertaking monitoring of buildings, earthworks and other structures in 3-Dimensions. This may be undertaken where ongoing movements have been identified or where construction / demolition may affect nearby structures and small movements may be significant.

Frequency of visits can be tailored to suit project requirements and budgets along with the most cost affective method of survey. Targets fixed to the feature of interest range from cheap stick-on variety upto to precise glass reflectors where the highest accuracy is required. Observations may be taken from remote locations to reduce access requirements and to avoid hazardous areas. Results can be presented graphically or in spreadsheets tailored to the project.

CALCULATIONS AND ANALYSIS: (See Example Drawings). From our survey data we are able to carry out a series of additional services. Areas & Volumes can be calculated to aid in land division and earthworks projects. Cut and Fill areas and volumes can be identified and different outcomes can be considered given a range of possible designs.

Analysis of trends in monitoring surveys can be carried out with tables noting shifts, directions and cumulative movements provided. Green Power Schemes such as Wind and Solar power can be considered, providing visual impact consideration for turbines pre or post construction and for assessing shadow impact on Solar arrays.