Topographical Surveys

Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd carries out Topographical (Land) Surveys to a wide range of specifications to cover the varying requirements of our clients. Specifications can be tailored from simple structure and boundary outlines up to fully detailed plans showing levels, surface and below ground features, foliage, trees and buried services.

Our Surveys are utilised by a wide range of users for individual home improvements to major infrastructure and utility organisations, emergency services groups, architects, planners, engineers and construction companies.

Sites range from open fields to roads and railways, residential areas and shopping centres, industrial and utility sites as well as hydrographical surveys of lakes rivers and coastal areas.

Our surveys are used for highway and railway design and maintenance, alteration and planning of complex industrial and utility sites, considering and designing for flood risks, development of brown and green field sites, solar and battery storage schemes, registering land titles and resolving boundary disputes, house alterations and extensions, planning and laying out of pipeline routes, earthworks stabilisation, monitoring and geotechnical analysis.

New designs and boundaries can be accurately setout on site based on our plans or from supplied designs for planning visualisation or for construction.