Remote Observations and Night Possessions

Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd equipment has been specifically chosen to maximise the opportunities to avoid the need for direct access and possessions where conditions allow. This helps to keep our clients costs low – avoiding the need for possessions and improves safety by keeping the staff at a safe distance from the running lines while avoiding the need for night working.

All our instruments are equipment with long range reflectorless technology. This enables us to survey rails and other features within the red zone (along with elevated and difficult to access features) while trains are still running. This is particularly suited to sites where the client needs to understand the relationship of the running rails to the slope / structure they are working on but does not require the level of precision required for track alignment projects.

Where possessions cannot be avoided our GPS unit and robotic instruments are ideally suited to night working. The robotic instruments automatically track the survey prism meaning that we only require minimal personnel based lighting to safely see our way and illuminate the features to be surveyed. Our Surveyors are well used to working at night and are aware of all the techniques required to maximise efficiency and productivity in this working environment.