We use a variety of technologies for monitoring purposes, from various laser scanners to 1” total stations and digital levels.

Laser scanning allows for whole areas to be monitored with a true representation of all movements. It is partically suited for monitoring large areas for general movement.

Our high specification total stations are more suited to measurement of specific markers or reflective targets. Following the initial set-up of points, a direct or remote measurement method can be applied.

We use DNA03 digital levels for high accuracy level surveys that give reliable results to a fraction of a millimeter.

The frequency of "manned" monitoring visits may range from hourly observations up to annual visits depending on the clients requirements. However where necessary automated monitoring systems can be established to monitor continually (24hours) and send alerts to the client if movement is detected.

Results can be rapidly turned around and can be tailored to suit the client needs. They can be reported with results as isopach overlays, sections, graphical or tabular format.